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    What is a Client Portal


    A client portal, in essence, is a virtual space, where people, resources, and information come together in order to achieve objectives. In the business sense, a client portal can be thought of as a virtual office. However, client portals are not just for business. Client portals can also function as any number of virtual spaces that require bringing people, information, and resources together.

    Examples of Virtual Spaces

    • Offices
    • Billing and Payment Areas
    • Studios
    • Front Desks
    • Training Rooms and Classrooms
    • Production Offices and Base Camps (for media production, events, etc)
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Conference Halls or Meeting Halls
    • Town Halls
    • Hubs
    • Family Offices

    The applicability of a client portal is endless once you conceptualize it as a tool for bringing people, resources, and information together.

    Who Should Implement a Client Portal

    A client portal should be implemented by any person or organization that is responsible for bringing people, resources, and information together in an organized an efficient way. Below are several examples of people and organizations that should implement a client portal.

    • Businesses and Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Professionals
    • Project Managers and Managers
    • Creators, Creatives, and Creative Agencies
    • Event Producers and Event Production Companies
    • Media Producers and Media Production Companies
    • Realtors and Property Managers
    • Families and Family Offices
    • Nonprofits
    • Schools and Instructors
    • Contractors and Freelancers
    • Developers
    • Service Providers of all kinds
    • Groups of all kinds
    • Organizations of all kinds
    • Teams of all kinds

    How to Implement a Client Portal

    Implementing a client portal on your WordPress site can be done using a client portal plugin such as Constellation Client Portal Pro.

    The How to Create a Client Portal in WordPress post also details the steps for implementing a client portal.

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