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    How To – Utilize Global Files

    Global file posts (and global attachments) can now be created in Constellation Client Portal Pro as of version 1.8.0.

    Global file lists can be created like file and invoice shortcode lists (in WordPress Admin -> Client Portal Pro -> Settings -> Lists), and displayed on pages and posts using the generated “accp_global_files” shortcode. By default, global file lists can be displayed on Client Pages, Global File posts, Client File posts, and Client Invoice posts. Additional post types can also be enabled via the “accp_update_allowed_post_types_for_global_files” filter (see the Constellation developer documentation).

    While Client File and Client Invoice posts and attachments can only be accessed by a single company, Global Files allow multiple companies to access the same global files and attachments.

    Creating Global File lists is useful in cases where you have the same information, documents, or files that need to accessible to multiple companies. Global files obviate the need to create separate file posts for each company, and can save you a great deal of time in these cases.

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