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    • Upload File Attachments to a Company Directory via SFTP

    Upload File Attachments to a Company Directory via SFTP

    If you have existing files that need to be uploaded to a company’s directory you can do so as follows.


    1. Locate the company directory path for the company that you are intending to upload files to. This can be found in WordPres Admin -> Client Portal Pro -> Companies -> Open the Company -> Company Upload Directory (example directory name: /wp-content/uploads/accp-clientfiles/custom-dir-name)
    2. Choose the method that you will use to connect to your server (example: an ftp application, cPanel, etc), and connect to the server. Contact your website administrator or web host if you are unsure of how to to this.
    3. Navigate to your WordPress directory, then to the specific directory from Step 1 above.
    4. Gather and prepare the files that you intend to upload. Also, ensure that the file names contain no spaces or special characters other than dashes, hyphens, and/or periods.
    5. Once your files are ready, you can now upload the files for the respective company into the selected directory.
    These files can now be associated with file and invoice posts by importing posts via CSV. See the How To – Import Posts by CSV – Constellation Client Portal post for instructions on importing posts.

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