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    How to Redirect the WordPress Home Page to a Client Page

    There are certain circumstances in which you may want to redirect the WordPress home page to a user’s respective client page.


    • Your WordPress client portal is not public and all pages should be assigned to a client.
    • You want to ensure that users that are still logged into WordPress (from a saved session) are correctly redirected to their client page when they return to your client portal site.

    The pro version of Constellation Client Portal makes it easy for you to enable home page redirection, and the steps are as follows.

    1. Navigate to WordPress Admin -> Client Portal Pro -> Settings -> General Settings.
    2. Find the Redirect Public Home Page to Client Home Page section and select the Enable Home Page Redirection option.

    Important: If you choose to enable home page redirection in your client portal, be sure that the Client Login Redirect setting is not set to redirect to the Site Home Page. This will cause multiple redirects, and will not function properly. Also, please be sure that you do not already have redirection for the home page implemented through another plugin.

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