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    Workflow – Create a Document Page

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    The workflow below details the steps for displaying client file lists on company pages.


    Company Create New Page

    Create a new Client Page (or use an existing page) that's assigned to a Company.

    File Post Page Create Client File

    Create a new Client File post and assign it to a Company (or skip this step if you have already created the Client File posts). Upload a document (example: a pdf) to the Client File that post that you just created and save the post.

    Optional: As an option, you can assign the post to a category (Client File Category), which can help you to output targeted file lists via accp_clientfiles shortcodes.

    File List Add File List Shortcode

    Add a file list shortcode to the new Client page that you just created.

    As an option, you can also constrain the list to a specific category (or categories) if you assigned the Client File posts to categories in the previous step.

    This will output a list of Client File posts for the client/company.

    Example Shortcode (all client files for a given client): [accp_clientfiles]

    Example Shortcode (only client files within specified category for a given client): [accp_clientfiles categories="your-category-slug"]

    Additional Info

    This workflow allows you to display file/document lists for clients that they can view and download when logged into their accounts.