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    Workflow – Create a Document Page

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    The workflow below details the steps for displaying client file lists on company pages.


    Company Create New Page

    Create a new Client Page (or use an existing page) that's assigned to a Company.

    File Post Page Create Client File

    Create a new Client File post and assign it to a Company (or skip this step if you have already created the Client File posts). Upload a document (example: a pdf) to the Client File that post that you just created and save the post.

    Optional: As an option, you can assign the post to a category (Client File Category), which can help you to output targeted file lists via accp_clientfiles shortcodes.

    File List Add File List Shortcode

    Create a file list shortcode by navigating to WordPress Admin -> Client Portal Pro -> Settings -> Lists -> Add New List, and select "file" for the list type.

    As an option, you can also choose to constrain the list to a specific category (or categories) if you assigned the Client File posts to categories in the previous step.

    Add the file list shortcode that is generated after saving your list settings to the new Client Page that you just created.

    This will output a list of Client File posts for the client/company.

    Additional Info

    This workflow allows you to display file/document lists for clients that they can view and download when logged into their accounts.