• Reply To: Shortcodes are showing all posts even though I have not specified a category

    ARS Support

    This is working as expected, and here is a brief explanation of how shortcode lists display posts, with respect to the category filter.

    The category filter is optional, and not required. If a category (or categories) are specified in the category filter, the list will be constrained to ONLY posts within the specified categories. If no categories are specified in the category filter, ALL posts meeting the lists other criteria will be displayed.

    There are cases in which you may not need to constrain a list to a category. An example of this would be unpaid invoice posts. In this case you would want to display all invoice posts with a status of “unpaid” for a given company, regardless of any category that may be assigned to the post.

    An example of how using the category filter to constrain lists to specific categories could be useful, would be on an onboarding page. In this case you may have a specific page (or specific section on a page) where you only want to display posts and/or documents that are assigned to an “Onboarding” category (as an example). In this case you could create a shortcode list devoted to onboarding, and specify the “Onboarding” category in the category filter.

    ARS Support - March 20, 2024 at 11:20 am