• File and Invoice Post Types are Showing in Yoast SEO Generated Sitemap List

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        If you are using Yoast SEO, you might see the File, Invoice, Company, and Client Page post types, along with the client portal taxonomies listed in the Yoast-generated sitemap list.  These items can be removed from the sitemap list, within Yoast SEO, as follows.

        1. Navigate to WP Admin -> SEO -> Search Appearance.

        2. Click the Content Types tab.

        3. Locate Client Files in the list and set “Show Client Files in search results?” to Off.

        4. Repeat step 3 for Client Invoices, Client Company, and Client Pages.

        5. Click the Taxonomies tab.

        6. Locate Client File Categories in the list and set “Show Client File Categories in search results?” to Off.

        7. Repeat step 6 for Client File Tags, Client Invoice Categories, Client Invoice Tags, Client Page Categories, and Client Page Tags.

        These steps will prevent Client Portal post types and taxonomies from showing in the Yoast sitemap list.

        ARS Support - March 28, 2022 at 10:52 am
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