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    How To – Utilize Global Pages

    Client pages can be created as global pages by selecting the “enable global company access” option within the page.

    Global pages allow multiple companies to access a page and can be useful for displaying static content to users of multiple companies.

    Global pages can also display unique content to clients by adding the client file (accp_clientfile) and/or client invoice (accp_clientinvoice) shortcodes to the page. In cases where the content of a global page is dynamic (not static), all users within a company should only be assigned to a single company. If a user is assigned to more than one company, the user is only suitable for accessing/viewing global pages if the page content is static.

    Creating global pages that have the client file or client invoice shortcodes embedded in them will display files and invoices that are unique to a given company, based on the company that the current user is assigned to.

    In many cases, the use of global pages can help limit the need for creating a client page for each company, and can help save time and speed up your onboarding workflows.

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